Jets win another GBL title

The Jets took the field Sunday morning in Eastie with something to prove to themselves, their coaches and fans, they were either going to leave the field 2 time GBL champs and a 1st place seed into the play-offs or settle for second place and still squeak into the play-offs.

Knowing these boys for 3 yrs now, I can say this, these boys were ready to play and take that title and no one was going to take it from them. Coach Derek Gilmore reminded them all week that no one was going to give the division title to them, they would either take it on Sunday or leave the title into the hands of the Cambridge Warriors.

The game got rolling the 2nd play from scrimage when QB Nelson Roche threw a 75yrd touchdown pass to Irving Lopez for his first touchdown of his career, coach Kevin Gilmore and Freddy Paige’s defense gave Cambridge little chance to do anything on offense, keeping the ball in Coach Derek Gilmore’s offense hands.

Steve “CJ” Clinton added another 2 touchdowns to his total of 10+ ( I lost count), Cj contiunes to improve each week staying humble and taking his coaches advice, by letting the coaching staff harness his athletic ablities, which results in at least 2 touchdowns a game. Cj never wants to come out of the game and has no quit in his heart, He is a very unsefish player who’s always putting his team first and continues to work hard in practice no matter what.

Scoring his first point of his career was Raul Morales who has been at every practice since he signed up to play this year, he has been working just as hard, if not harder than anyone on the team and deserved scoring and Raul’s brother Christian scored his 2nd point of the season the very next touchdown. Both extra points were passes from qb Nelson Roche who has been playing quaterback in coach Derek Gilmore’s offense for 3 yrs now and has been throwing the ball almost perfect all year long, since he was 10 years old Nelson has been throwing the ball down field and making quaterback decisions as if he was in high-school. Nelson has at least 30 touchdown passes in these 3 years under coach Derek. Nelson also added a touchdown of his own with a 25 yrd run, the offensive line has really been doing a number on opposing defenses, by opening up holes for the back field to run through, coach Freddy Paige’s hard work with them has really shown on gameday, and Nelson’s running game improving each week it’s making it a nightmare for our opponents defense to stop this offense.

Nelson’s main target is his cousin Felix Martines, who also scored a touchdown on a pass from Nelson, Felix also added 2 extra points, has been the heart the Jets needed this season.

Jaymian Sosa got a huge interception and returned it 60 yards for his first career touchdown; this is the second straight week coach Gilmore’s offense has had 5 or more guys score points; Coach Derek would like to thank his brother and defensive coordinator Kevin Gilmore, defense and offensive specialist Freddy Paige and all the parents and fans who come and support us week-to-week.

Also a special thanks to Leo and Liz Marchese. Next Sunday the Jets go up against the Malden Cyclones for a non-division battle down the East Boston Memorial Stadium at 11pm, we all hope to see you there.

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