Menino has a strong showing in Eastie as he wins a record fifth term

Mayor Thomas Menino was elected to a historic fifth term as Mayor of Boston cruising to victory past City Councilor Michael Flaherty Tuesday night, a night that he also did very well among East Boston voters.

Although Flaherty, and his unofficial running mate, City Councilor Sam Yoon, put up a good fight it wasn’t enough to topple the Menino dynasty.

Citywide, Menino received 63,123 votes or 57 percent while Flaherty got 46,768 votes or 42 percent.

In East Boston, where Menino’s popularity has always been strong, he received 2,983 votes to Flaherty’s 1,927 votes.

In his victory speech at the Copley Fairmont last Tuesday, Menino thanked his opponent for a hard fought race that shed light on the issues.

“Thank you Councilor Flaherty for your leadership and for what you brought to this campaign,” said Menino. “You made us earn this spot, and that’s the way it should be. Your voters reminded us how urgent the mission is, and their votes mattered, too.”

While there was much excitement in the air at the Copley Fairmont, Menino offered words of caution and the tone of his speech was one that offered a challenge to those that may become complacent in what very well could be his last term as mayor.

“The headlines may read that today we were elected to a “historic” fifth term,” said Menino. “Let’s be clear. We haven’t made history with this election, but we will with what we create of it.”

He added, “when we’ve provided a New Boston Miracle for our kids, designed New Urban Mechanics for our city, built One Shared Future out of our diverse backgrounds, let them write the record books then. When we’ve put our residents in jobs, shops in vacant spaces, students through college, and this city past a fiscal downturn, then let’s talk about history.”

Menino said while newspapers will say he beat his toughest opponent–his administration hasn’t passed the biggest obstacle.

“Complacency is the highest hurdle we face,” said Menino. “Let us fend off the temptation to rest on past accomplishments or to walk in familiar paths. When we do, let them write only then that we overcame our strongest challenge.”

LaMattina also cruised to victory Tuesday night, easily beating challenger Chris Kulikoski of the North End in all three neighborhoods that make up District 1.

LaMattina pulled 8,107 votes from the district or 77 percent while Kulikoski got only 2,442 votes or 23 percent of the vote and topped the city election ticket here in Eastie with 3,739 votes. Kulikoski pulled 749 votes out of Eastie,

“I’m happy to get back to work for the people of District 1,” said LaMattina. “I’m honored by the number of people that came in support of my reelection and I promise to keep up the same energy in fighting for better neighborhoods in District 1 and the rest of the city.”

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