McClellan Highway Parties Are an Increasing Issue

By Adam Swift

Police are warning of increased reports of partying and disturbances in the area of the CubeSmart self-storage facility near Suffolk Downs on the McClellan Highway.

“About a year ago, we’d been having some issues with the scooters, the lowriders, and the four-wheelers up there,” said officer Thomas Domenico. “They’d been parking up there, having parties, putting the speakers in the trunks of the cars, and we kind of stopped that last year and made a couple of arrests. But it seems to be starting up again.”

There have been three separate incidents recently, Domenico told the Orient Heights Neighborhood Council at its most recent meeting. One of the individuals in one of the incidents was identified and issued a summons to court for charges related to the disturbances, he added.

“If you hear any noises up there, loud noises, motorcycles, scooters, or lowriders, please give us a call at 911,” Domenico said. “The more calls we get, we will write incident reports on them and that will help us in court. Hopefully the judges will do something with them and not let these kids go, because they are becoming a real nuisance.” 

Another recent nuisance has been the number of squatters in abandoned buildings, especially in the high numbers along Bennington Street.

“We’ve gotten a couple of calls, and (recently) we got four kids in there and we trespassed them and issued complaints against them,” said Domenico. “If there are any abandoned buildings, just watch out for the squatters, because they seem to find them pretty quick.”

In other recent police activity in the neighborhood, Domenico said police stopped a driver going 71 miles per hour on Bennington Street.

“When we stopped the car, the driver couldn’t produce a license and he told the officer he had been here for 10 years and driving without a license,” said Domenico.

Domenico also warned against a phone scams, noting a case on Sept. 18 where a victim got a call from a person in Mexico who said there was something wrong with one of the victim’s relatives and demanded $4,800, which the victim paid.

“If you get any calls like that, please don’t send any money, checks, or store cards,” Domenico said. “They do this for a living. Just be careful with phone calls.”

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