Accessible Day Held at Constitution Beach

Special to the Times-Free Press

Save the Harbor/Save the Bay recently hosted more than 170 individuals with disabilities from over 15 communities and their families came together to enjoy an accessible, fun-filled day at Constitution Beach.

The Beach: Ability program started in 2019 through a grant from Save the Harbor/Save the Bay’s Better Beaches Program partnership with the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR).

John from Malden and Coleman Nee, CEO of Triangle, Inc., use a kayak courtesy of Piers Park Sailing Center.
Ralph and David Tufo from Winthrop
enjoy the clean water at Constitution
Beach, accessible by beach wheelchairs thanks to Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay’s Better Beaches Program.
David from Malden and Melissa Strout from Triangle, Inc. enjoy the sun at Constitution Beach.
Coleman Nee, CEO of Triangle, Inc., and his friend Wayne from Reading get ready to take a dip in the water at Constitution Beach during Triangle, Inc.’s Beach:Ability event.

This annual event hosted by Triangle, Inc. highlights the importance of creating accessible spaces on our region’s public beaches for the disability community. The Better Beaches Program provided floating wheelchairs, sand wheelchairs and mobility mats to make this event possible and improve access for people with disabilities on the region’s public beaches.

 “It fills my heart with joy to see people of all ages and abilities come together on a beautiful summer day to celebrate clean water at Constitution Beach,” said Rep. Adrian Madaro.

Madaro, who Co-Chairs the Metropolitan Commission and was instrumental in securing funds to make Beach:Ability possible.

“This is one of our favorite days of the year! We are so excited to return to Constitution Beach for our Third Beach:Ability event,” said CEO of Triangle Coleman Nee . “This unique event highlights all the great work our partners at DCR’s Universal Access Program and Save the Harbor/Save the Bay have done to ensure that our public beaches are accessible for people of all abilities.”

Executive Director of Save the Harbor/Save the Bay Chris Mancini added, “Constitution Beach is important to East Boston residents and to people with disabilities from around the region. It is East Boston’s only beach, close to the Blue Line and you can drive right up to it in a car or van, making it very accessible to people of all abilities. It’s a great place to spend a hot summer day.”

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