Eastie’s Stewart Landers Appointed by Baker to PHC

Governor Charlie Baker recently announced the appointment of East Boston resident Stewart Landers to the Massachusetts Public Health Council (PHC).

Landers will join the 15-member PHC that oversees the state’s Department of Public Health. The PHC is charged specifically with the promulgation of rules and regulations, holding public hearings, and approving certain appointments and Determination of Need applications.

Eastie’s Stewart Landers has been appointed by Gov. Baker to the Massachusetts Public Health Council.

As a board member of the Massachusetts Public Health Association (MPHA), Landers will represent the MPHA on the PHC. The MPHA advocates for the health of residents, and specifically for the strengthening of local public health and achieving racial health equity.

Landers has been a senior consultant at John Snow Inc. (JSI) since 1994 and directed the Boston office from 2011 through 2021. JSI is a global public health consulting organization dedicated to greater health equity and improving the health of individuals and communities. .

Landers has worked in public health for over 30 years, focusing on public health systems and practices related to HIV and AIDS, chronic disease, wellness, mental health/substance abuse treatment, and LGBTQ+ health.

“I am honored to be appointed to this distinguished council and look forward to working with it to improve the health of Massachusetts residents through timely access to public health and medical prevention and treatment services,” said Landers.

Landers has been an associate editor for the American Journal of Public Health since 2005, focused on HIV, LGBTQ+ health, substance use disorders, community health workers, and the intersection of law, regulation, and health policy.

From 2011 to 2018, he was a member of the Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ Health.

Landers has been a resident of Eastie since 2006 and is an active member of the Gove Street Citizens Association.

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