Eastie Landing’s Ship Bar and Outdoor Patio Concept Comes to Life

Navy Yard Hospitality Group’s (NYHG) Charlie Larner said COVID put a damper on opening Eastie Landing, an outdoor dining concept that includes a sailing ship and large patio on Pier I in East Boston, last year but last Wednesday his vision came to fruition. 

Hundreds of residents headed down to the grand opening of Eastie Landing last Wednesday to experience the bar, outdoor patio complete with seating, lawn games and private dining options as well as food truck vendors and shipping containers that have been converted into patio bars and retail shops. 

Eastie Landing’s 242 ft. steel hull ship at Pier I has created a unique dining experience for Eastie residents. The ship, docked at Pier I, and adjacent pier has been converted into an outdoor dining experience like no other in the city.

Two years ago NYHG, which owns Reel House on New Street in Eastie and other locations in Charlestown, the Seaport and Faneuil Hall, approached Massport with the idea of docking a 242 ft. steel hull ship at Pier I to create a unique dining experience for Eastie residents. Over the spring and summer of 2019 NYHG docked a tall ship at the pier and began an extensive rehab of the ship to accommodate three bars and a dining area. 

Larner and his group refurbished the ship with mahogany bars and placed recycled materials, like old shipping containers, to activate the space on the pier. Several of the shipping containers will be selling everything from lobster rolls to tacos to beverages. There will also be some shipping containers that house small retail operations. 

As the concept continues throughout the summer NYHG is contemplating doing a weekly Movie Night that drives families down to the pier early in the week.  With regards to live entertainment the only “at-night-event” would be Movie Night. 

The ship itself has a 4,500 square foot main deck that houses three bars. One of the bars is at the stern and the stern bar will be doing a lot of small fundraising events and other functions. The food that NYHG will have coming out of a galley kitchen will be raw selections, small plates focusing on Mediterranean fare, and charcuterie 

Like over at the Reel House, the NYHG will provide free water shuttle services between Eastie Landing and the other three NYHG restaurants in Eastie, Charlestown and the Seaport.

NYHG wants to not only gear this proposal to adults but to children and families as well with seasonal activities like a pumpkin patch in the fall and a winter wonderland during the holiday season. 

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