Letter to the Editor

I give thanks to the Health Center

Dear Editor,

The East Boston Health Center has been an important part of our community for many years. As a patient and speaking on behalf of my parents I give praise to the Center for its prompt and extremely efficient roll out of the Covid-19 Vaccine Program.

The Center communicated with us in many ways to offer the vaccine and we were given prompt service when making our appointments. My parents received the vaccine at the Liverpool Street location,  and at each appointment, the staff and the National Guard who facilitated the vaccine distribution treated us respectfully.  It was well organized, and I was impressed with the overall process.

They made us feel comfortable.

In these difficult times it is not easy to stay on top of our medical needs. However, the East Boston Center Health has managed to do that and more. I give thanks to the Health Center, not only for the Vaccine rollout, but to the entire medical team that we entrust in our care.

Thank you to first responders and administrative staff at EBNHC. I value your hard work and dedication to East Boston and other communities.

Maria Capogreco

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