Renegade’s Pub Looks to Transfer Ownership and Liquor License to Longtime Manager

At the February Orient Heights Neighborhood Council meeting attorney for Renegade’s Pub, Kristen Scanlon, told the council members that current owners of Renegade’s Pub are planning on handing over ownership of their East Boston location in Orient Heights Square to longtime manager Katie Daly.

Scanlon said that while the ownership would change, everything at Renegade’s, including the juicy burgers the pub has become known for, would remain the same. However, Daly would need approval from the Boston Licensing Board for a new neighborhood restricted full liquor license.

Renegade’s opened in 2017, a venture by Chelmsford native Peter Ackerman and his partners Greg Weinstock and Ryan Pozerycki. The three owners have decided to divest from the Eastie location and focus their efforts on Renegade’s second location in Londonderry, NH.

Scalon explained that because the current neighborhood restricted full liquor license is non-transferable Daly would need to apply and receive her own liquor license.

“The neighborhood restricted liquor licenses were created by the city in 2014 for seven different neighborhoods, including East Boston, and various Main Streets districts around Boston,” said Scanlon. “Renegades was lucky enough to get one of them. But because of the restrictions imposed on the neighborhood licenses you technically can’t transfer them with an ownership change and Katie (Daly) has to apply for a new license. We’re just making sure everyone in the neighborhood knows what’s going on with the license but first and foremost, there’s absolutely no changes proposed for Renegades besides who owns the business which is the incoming owner, Katie Daly.”

Scalon said Daly has been with Renegade’s since it first opened four years ago and is the current general manager of the restaurant and bar that promised to clean up a forgotten corner of Orient Heights Square with a successful business model.

“I think and I hope most people would agree that they delivered on that promise and continue to do so and are good neighbors in that location,” said Scanlon.

Ackerman, who is the bar’s majority owner, will stay on in an advisory role in case Daly needs any help from him after he transfers the ownership of Renegade’s

In 2017 Renegade’s owners transformed the old Victory Pub into a no-frills pub complete with wooden tables, a zig zag bar, a large chalkboard listing the constantly rotating beer selection and a huge mural commemorating all things Eastie.
The limited menu lives up to Renegade’s motto of ‘Beers, Burgers and Bourbon’.
The appetizers range from  onion rings to Engine 56 fries with smoked bacon, renegade sauce, crumbled bleu cheese, and fried jalapeños. There are also stuffed tater tots, buffalo wings, panko crusted chicken tenders and salads.
But what really keeps people coming back to  Renegade’s are the burgers.
All burgers are large enough to fill a hungry stomach but not so overpowering that you’ll need a nap after downing one of these juicy treats.
The staple burger is the Renegade Burger with renegade sauce, muenster, arugula, and red onion jam. There’s the Blue Burger with bacon, red onion, arugula, local bleu cheese, and bleu cheese sauce or, our favorite, the Bandit Burger with bourbon BBQ sauce, fried onions, bacon, cheddar and red onion jam.
Renegade’s also offers up a veggie burger with quinoa, black beans, garlic mayo, cucumber, tomato and lettuce, a blackened salmon burger and fried or grilled chicken sandwiches done two different ways.

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