JPNA Approves Two Projects at Feb. Meeting

At its February meeting members of the Jeffries Point Neighborhood Association (JPNA) approved two development projects–one on Maverick Street and another of Lamson Street.

The first project at 323 Maverick Street was supported 29 to 8 by JPNA members.

There, developer Boston Building Company LLC, who was represented by Attorney Jeff Drago wants to erect a three-family home on the site 

All three units would be condo units and would include two, two-bedroom units and one, three–bedroom unit. The first floor unit would be handicap accessible.

Drago said his client made some modifications to the project after listening to JPNA members and abutters.

“We reduced the height of our proposal to 39 feet to match the height of the adjacent building,” said Drago. Drago also added that his client gained the support of the neighbor to the right after reducing the height and assuring there would be a 3 foot buffer between his building and the proposal.

The next project at 19 Lamson St. was supported by JPNA members by a vote of 32 to 6.

There, developer 542 East Sixth, LLC, represented by Attorney Lorene Schettino, plans to gut rehab the existing structure, extend the living space into the basement and replace the roof

The units are all planned as condo units and consist of two, three-bedroom units and one, two-bedroom unit.

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