State Budget to Send Pandemic Aid to Eastie

Last week Senator Joseph Boncore and Representative Adrian Madaro joined their colleagues in the Massachusetts Legislature to pass the state’s $46.2 billion Fiscal Year 2021 (FY21) budget. 

Within the state budget is direct aid to an East Boston agency that has been helping the community during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by addressing food insecurity among residents. 

Eastie’s state elected officials Rep. Adrian Madaro and Sen. Joseph Boncore (shown here during a pre-COVID press conference last year) announced FY21 budget earmarks for Eastie this week.

At a time of widespread food insecurity in the neighborhood due to the COVID, Boncorea and Madaro announced $50,000 in funding for the East Boston Community Soup Kitchen. The earmark will allow the soup kitchen to continue their work providing essential food and nutritional aid to East Boston residents.

“Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the East Boston Community Soup Kitchen has been on the front lines serving those in need,” said Boncore. “The $50,000 secured for the Soup Kitchen will allow them to continue these critical efforts and remain a welcoming, inclusive presence in our community.”

Boncore added that as the state continues towards recovery from the COVID pandemic, the FY21 budget provides critical funding: including relief for those most impacted by the public health crisis. 

“Despite the fiscal difficulties caused by the COVID-19 emergency, I am pleased that the legislature has passed a budget which has avoided any major cuts and preserves funding for critical programs across Massachusetts, including those right here in East Boston,” said Madaro. “As many in East Boston continue to suffer from food insecurity, funding for the East Boston Community Soup Kitchen ensures that it will be able to continue the necessary work providing food to local families.”

In addition to COVID support the state legislature approved funding to support students and families at East Boston High School. 

The budget calls for full funding for Mass Insight. This will allow Mass Insight to continue supporting Advanced Placement and STEM Programming at the High School. Last month, these programs earned East Boston High School the Josh Boger Innovative School of the Year Award from the Massachusetts Biotechnology Education Foundation. 

“In addition, students at East Boston High School affected by virtual learning will continue to be fully supported in their AP and STEM programming as a result of the Mass Insight earmark,” said Madaro. “I was proud to vote in favor of this budget and I look forward to seeing it signed into law.”

The budget now goes to Governor Baker’s desk for his signature.

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