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December 2020 Harbor View Neighborhood Association Meeting

The next meeting of the Harbor View Neighborhood Association (HVNA) will be on December 7, 2020 at 6pm. The meeting will be via Zoom.

Please check the website ( for instructions to participate by video or telephone. HVNA will continue to stream the meeting via Facebook live as well as at Facebook,


Welcome/Introduction (5min)

Boston Police Station 7 Update Officer Dan Simons (10min)

Piers Park 3 Trustees of Reservation, Nick Black (15min)

647-649 Bennington Street 3rd Presentation and VOTE Attorney Marc LaCasse for owner Barry Caine. Proposal to convert a three family to a two family and subdivide the driveway to construct a new 2 family on the lot. A change from prior meeting. (20min)

175 Wordsworth Street 1st Presentation Attorney Derric  Small for Robles Brothers, LLC. Rehab existing 3 units and extend living space into the basement and rebuild rear porches. (15min)

7-11 Curtis Street/Saratoga Street. (Eastern Flooring) 3rd Presentation and VOTE, Attorney Jeff Drago for Seth Williams and Jim Grossman. To demolish the existing building and erect two buildings: one on Curtis Street with 21 Units and a second one on Saratoga Street with 8 Units. (20min)

Our next meeting is January 4, 2021

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