Zumix Receives Arts Grant from City

While its building might be closed, Zumix, East Boston’s popular music and arts program, continues to serve hundreds of students each week remotely. 

However, places like Zumix rely on annual fundraisers, grants and donations but the COVID-19 pandemic has made these efforts more challenging than they ever have been.

Luckily, the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture recently announced a new round of Boston Cultural Council (BCC) grants and Zumix was named a recipient of one of the grants. 

Zumix and 144 other arts and cultural organizations were awarded art grants offer programming in the City of Boston

“We are very grateful to the Boston Cultural Council (BCC) for continuing to support our work, especially during this difficult time,” said Zumix Executive Director Madeleine Steczynski. “With their help, we continue to serve over 300 youth virtually, and to provide families with weekly food and grocery deliveries”

Mayor Martin Wash said these funds support innovative arts, humanities, and interpretive sciences programming with the goal of enhancing the quality of life in the city.

“At a time when statewide losses to arts and cultural institutions exceed $58 million due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s vital that we support Boston organizations in every way we can,” said Mayor Walsh. “These organizations are anchors in our neighborhoods and communities, teaching youth, supporting social resilience, and fostering community connections.”

The BCC works with the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture to annually distribute funds allocated by the City of Boston and the Mass Cultural Council for local arts and culture programming. BCC members are Boston residents appointed by Mayor Walsh, and serve for up to two consecutive three-year terms. Council members are selected on the basis of their demonstrated commitment to Boston’s cultural community and their knowledge of various arts disciplines. 

According to Walsh, this year the Mass Cultural Council contributed $236,400 and the City contributed $300,000 for grants. 

“It’s important for us to continue to support the sustainability or arts and cultural organizations of all sizes in Boston, as they take the next steps in reopening and adjusting their programming to allow for safe participation from all residents,” said Kara Elliott-Ortega, Chief of Arts and Culture. 

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