JPNA Members Vote on Three Projects at August Meeting

Members of the Jeffries Point Neighborhood Association (JPNA) voted on three development projects last week during the group’s August virtual meeting. 

JPNA members voted in favor of the project at 324 Sumner St. but opposed the other two projects at 223 Everett St. and 16-18 Cottage St. 

Regarding the proposal at 324 Sumner St., JPNA members voted 26 to 7 in favor of changing the occupancy to a three-unit residential dwelling and adding a vertical addition. 

Attorney Richard Lynds said that his client would add one more floor to the existing two-story building and the final height would be slightly lower than the Vine & Barley Building next door. 

Lynds added that architect Derek Rubinoff is trying to mimic what was done across the street to the 303 Sumner St. building a few years ago, i.e., contemporary materials over a brick storefront. 

The next project at 223 Everett St. the group voted 21 to 13 in opposition to add a new rear addition to existing 3-family along with a new rear deck. 

Property Owner/Developer Paul Hardiman was told by several abutters that they oppose the extension and modifications to the building because it would obstruct views from 221 Everett St.

The final project at 16-18 Cottage St. was voted down by members by a vote of 29 to 7. 

There, owner Norberto Perez, represented by Attorney Jeff Drago, pitched a proposed addition to the rear of both properties as well as adding a fourth story and roof decks to both addresses for a total of six units. 

JPNA members expressed objections to the proposed height and the JPNA Board received a letter stating that the proposed project is out of character with the neighborhood with respect to height and floor area ratio. 

While one of the units would be occupied by Perez, a former Boston police Officer, some asked why it was necessary to increase the size of the current footprint of the buildings. 

Perez said he wants to increase his living space. 

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