KO Pies Signs Lease to Stay in Eastie Through 2020

In November 2018, the East Boston Times sat down with KO Pies owner Sam Jackson and the successful restaurateur stunned all foodies who live in East Boston when he announced he was looking to sell the business by the end of 2019. 

KO Pies owner Sam Jackson with some of his famous Aussie Meat Pies. Jackson said KO PIes will stay in Eastie through 2020.

However, Jackson announced this week that he has renewed his license to operate KO Pies through 2020. 

“It’s official,” said Jackson in a statement. “We’ll be back at it in 2020 slinging more meat pies, beer, cider and wine down at the shipyard. It’s been 10 cracking years in Boston and we’re pumped to do it all again.”

The news was a relief to many in the neighborhood. The cozy haunt on Eastie’s waterfront has become a destination for thousands craving Aussie meat pies, sandwiches and other funky offerings. 

“This is awesome news,” said Ross Klisart. “A great early Christmas present.”

Jackson said while KO Pies isn’t going anywhere, as of now, he will be taking almost a month off for the holidays starting Dec. 22. 

“So if you need your fix you have until Dec. 22,” said Jackson. 

Jackson, who landed in Boston from Australia a decade ago, started KO Pies out of thin air. The success of KO Pies elevated Jackson’s profile in the community and he has enjoyed the reputation of someone that gives back to local schools, nonprofits and community groups since coming here. 

While Jackson was bouncing around the idea of packing it in for warmer climates he said that he has yet to receive the right offer for KO Pies and has even expanded the business to include an Asian pop-up menu on Wednesday nights. 

Jackson admitted there are many scenarios that could still play out as he searches for the right investor. He is even open, if an investor agrees, to bounce around the warmer parts of the world during the winter months and come back and run KO Pies in the summers or even serve as a consultant.

But for now Jackson is comfortable riding out the rest of 2019 with new Wednesday night offerings like cilantro noodles, Vietnamese-style chicken salad, and nasi goreng (fried rice). 

Jackson said the Wednesday night menu additions at KO Pies, served alongside the famous meat pies, was inspired by Kaki Lima. Kaki Lima was an Indonesian pop-up that once offered a special menu on Monday night’s at KO Pies. However, Kaki Lima chef Retno Pratiwi and her husband moved out of Eastie this year leaving an Asian food void at KO Pies. 

The menu additions, Jackson said, are something he craves and looks forward to cooking and reminds him of his days a chef nack in Sydney. 

Jackson said he is also planning on several special events from now until the end of 2019. 

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