GSCA Votes on Two Projects

Members of the Gove Street Citizens Association (GSCA) voted on two development projects at the group’s November meeting last week.

For the first project GSCA members voted 8 to 3 against a project at 10 Geneva St. The proposal calls for erecting a four story building on a 5,195 square-foot lot. The building would include seven units of housing with seven off-street parking spaces. All the units would be market rate condo units, consisting of two-bedroom and two-bathroom units.

The only negative comments about the project came from the abutters next door. While their home is only three stories and 32 feet they felt the four-story, 37.2-foot proposed building was far too tall. They asked if it could be reduced to three stories.

GSCA members then voted 7 to 4 in favor of a project at 255 Maverick St. There the proposal is to raze the existing manufacturing building and erect a four story mixed use building. The building would include nine residential units, one retail unit and nine off-street parking spaces. Each unit would consist of two bedroom, two bathroom market-rate condo units. The retail space would include a low-intensity type business as to not create too much traffic in the area.

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