BPDA Approves Change of Ownership for an Already Approved Project

At the Boston Planning and Development (BPDA) November board meeting  last Thursday, the BPDA board approved a request to transfer ownership from one developer to another for the 425 Border St. project.

Under BPDA rules the board had to authorization and issue a Certification of Approval in connection with the recently filed Notice of Project Change (NPC) for the Border Street project.

Last year the BPDA approved a developers plans to replace an existing auto repair shop with a five story, 16 condo unit building with 16 off-street parking spaces. Two of the 16 units will be affordable units under the BPDA’s inclusionary program.

Last week’s approval to the NPC allows the former developer to transfer ownership to DHN 425 Border Street LLC for construction of the project. 

According to the BPDA all other aspects of the project, aside from the change in ownership, will remain the same. 

All 16 units will be two bedroom units. The project is located five blocks from Central Square and less than one mile from the MBTA’s Blue Line Maverick Station, and is well served by multiple bus lines operating in Eastie.

The developer will still give $10,000 contributions to both the East Boston Social Centers and the East Boston Greenway.

The project that includes a more modern design than what Eagle Hill Civic Association members usually support, nevertheless the group still threw their support behind the development at a community meeting last year.

While the project is in the Eagle Hill Historic District the developer plans on making the building a blend of modern and more traditional since it borders historic homes at the transition between the historic district and more industrial area of Border Street.

This project, according to the BPDA, will create 50 construction jobs.

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