Officials to Host Meeting on Paris Street Pool

The Boston Centers for Youth & Families, and the City of Boston’s Public Facilities Department will host a community meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 25 at 6 p.m. at the Paris Street Community Center regarding the upcoming renovations to the Paris Street Pool.

Mayor Martin Walsh has earmarked $8.9 million for the rehab and construction of the Paris Street Pool across from the Paris Street Gym. The Gym recently underwent a $14 million overhaul and the pool’s rehab will compliment the new state-of-the-art gym and community center.

When the pool was first built, it featured a glass roof, sliding doors that looked out onto the Paris Street playground, as well as a veranda so residents could enjoy a swim and then sit outside during the hot summer months. The pool underwent an overhaul under then-Mayor Kevin White due to constant vandalism of the glass roof and glass doors. The pool was encased in cement blocks and now looks more like a bomb shelter than a community pool.

The plan, according to the city, is to restore the pool back to its original glory and strengthen the connection between the pool building and the adjacent park.

“I am very excited for the renovation of the Paris Street Pool. It is a huge benefit for the community to have a year round pool and a rehab of the facility is long overdue,” said Rep. Adrian Madaro, a former board member of the community center. “I can’t wait until it is completed so that they can continue to offer vital services to the community, such as swimming lessons and lifeguard lessons. The new facility will be a welcome addition to East Boston, which has seen an unbelievable transformation in its park systems, as well as an almost complete and renovated Paris Street Community Center. It is great to see East Boston’s recreational spaces get the attention they deserve and great to see them become destinations for families and children”.

The pool is expected to close for renovations in January, 2020. The investment  to the pool will also include a new pool filter room,  mechanical and electrical upgrades, modified main entrance and lobby area, building interior and exterior repairs and other upgrades necessary to make it a more inviting and user-friendly space.

The project is expected to take 14 months.

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