ZBA Approves Several Eastie Projects

At a Boston Zoning Board of Appeals hearing earlier this month board members approved several development projects that have gone through the the community process.

The ZBA approved projects at 398 Bremen St., 135 Chelsea St., 113-115 Cottage St., as well as 30-32 Condor St.

At 398 Bremen St., the proposal by Volnay Capital is to demolish the existing single family dwelling, and replace it with a four-unit dwelling intended for home ownership.  The project will be similar in size to other projects Volnay has presented to the neighborhood that were met with community support.

The proposed Bremen Street project, which faces the Bremen Street Park and East Boston Library was met with a favorable response from the direct abutters during the abutters meeting.  The developer will work closely with the abutter to the left, who raised concerns about construction.  Neither Eagle Hill or Central Maverick claimed that this project was within its boundaries and did not vote on the proposal.  This project is located in the 3F-2000 district and is surrounded by a mix of uses including multifamily, commercial and open space.
The proposal for 135 Bremen St., which is owned by Paul and Anna Noviello involves adding an addition to the existing single story retail, which will provide four units of housing while maintaining the existing commercial space.

As this property is located in the flood zone, residential use on the ground level will be challenging so the Noviello’s decided to preserve the existing commercial space.  This project is located on the corner of Chelsea and Visconti Road in the 3F-2000 district and would be similar in scale and height of the surrounding properties.   The project was presented to the community on three occasions– twice to the Maverick Central Community group and once as an abutters meeting.  All meetings were favorable with Maverick Central voting in support.
The proposal at 113-115 Cottage St. involves the change of occupancy of an existing two-family dwelling and private club to a four-unit dwelling with a complete rehab and preservation of the exterior of the building .  Eliminating the use of the private club was met with strong support from the neighborhood and abutters.  The project was presented twice to Gove Street and once at an abutters meeting. Gove Street voted to support the proposal at their monthly meeting.
The project at 30-32 Condor St. was deferred at the ZBA’s Oct. 16 meeting but was back before the board this month to seek approval.

The proposal by PHD Homes is to demolish the existing vacant two-family dwelling and replace it with a new six-unit dwelling with parking for seven vehicles.   The project is intended for home ownership.  The current structure is in poor condition and requires substantial rehab and upgrades for continued long-term habitability.  This property was formerly owner occupied until its sale in late 2017.
The developer held a total of three community meetings–one abutters meeting and two meetings at the Eagle Hill Civic Association.   At each of the meetings the proposal was met with favorable responses from abutters and the neighborhood.   Eagle Hill Civic Association members voted to support the project.

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