Eagle Hill Civic Association July Meeting Recap

Last Wednesday evening at the East Boston Social Centers the Eagle Hill Civic Association (EHCA) held its July meeting. At the meeting EHCA members voted on several development projects and received information from developers on future projects.

First EHCA voted 31 to 1 in support of Luke Tarbi’s project at 2-4 Lexington St. The project plans to renovate and convert a commercial building into six residential rental apartments. The building would include one studio, three one-bedroom, two two-bedroom and one ground-floor commercial space.  The building will be owner-occupied with Tarbi living there. The plan calls for the construction of a two-story addition above the existing commercial space and build a shared roof deck for tenants.  Tarbi plans to Install rooftop solar panels, undertake energy efficiency improvements and refurbish exterior.  Building was originally a six-unit residential apartment building that was converted to commercial use in 1939 and was purchased by the Tarbi Family in 1947. The building once served as the printing press for the East Boston Times.  Tarbi said transforming the former printing press building into the “Printing Press Lofts” will highlight the history of the building.

Next, Sue Passacantilli presented for the 63 Falcon St. project. The plan is to combine the current three-story building and vacant lot next door into one parcel. Passacantilli said the proposal is to tear down existing three family building and build a seven-unit, four-story building on the one combined parcel.  All the units will be three-bedroom units.  Passacantilli said there will be a driveway with parking in back for seven cars. Since the last presentation Passacantilli has removed the head houses that leads to the roof deck and replaced it with dome hatches. Members voted 16-15 in support of the proposal.

Members then voted 22 to 10 in support of the project at 30-32 Condor St. The plan there is to convert an existing two-family home into a six-unit building by erecting a vertical addition and a side addition as well as a roof deck for the upper unit. The project includes seven off-street parking spaces. All the units will be market rate condos and attorney for the project, Richard Lynds, said his client plans to do a full historic renovation on the building using appropriate materials.

The EHCA then voted 27 to 3 in opposition to a proposed six unit development at 113-115 Falcon St. The empty lot would include the six market rate condos as well as six parking spaces.

In another close vote, EHCA members voted 18 to 13 in support of the project at 277 Border St. The plan there is to raze existing auto body shop, combine two lots, and erect a mixed use building with retail on lower level and 18 residential units above.  The developer, MG2, is aiming for 10 parking spots on sight.  The proposal includes a modern façade with multidimensional bump outs. Eagle Hill members previously approved an earlier version of this project before MG2 acquired the adjacent parking lot.

Members approved a proposal for a self-storage facility at 100 Condor St. by a vote of 29 to 3. The very large commercial space would be changed from an office/factory to self-storage facility comprised of 411 units. Each unit would be roughly 64 square feet.  The project would include interior renovations, restoring existing front curb cuts and creating approximately three new on-street parking spaces.  Attorney for the project, Jeff Drago said that the dimensions of the industrial building will not change and that his client is simply only changing the use from office/factory to self-storage.  The project includes 23 parking spaces, including handicapped spaces.

Drago then pitched his client’s plans for 221 Saratoga St. The proposal includes combining two lots, demolishing the existing building and erecting a four-story building with seven condo units. The proposal includes seven parking spaces.

EHCA members voted 18 to 13 in support of the project citing a major reduction in the size and scope of the project when compared to earlier proposals to the group.

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