Atlantic Works Gallery Presents a New Exhibit June 2

Atlantic Works  Gallery presents a new exhibit entitled  ‘Discovery and Discernment… A Journey Back to Now,”  featuring new works by artists Diane Modica and Sandrine Colson.  An opening reception launching the exhibit will be held on Saturday June 2 from 6 to 9:00 p.m. at the gallery at 80 Border Street East Boston Third floor. The public is invited.

Modica and Colson each explore their rich ancestry and heritage and the connections that the past and the present create within us.  This includes the confluence of the visible and invisible forces;  the communal nature that we all share  with the past and with one another and  the seen and unseen history that influences our   personal experience. No one  gets in or out of time without resilience, trauma and gifts.

Modica’s work reflects her Sicilian heritage launching her on a journey  to her family’s roots in Sicily.  Her  work represents connections  and emotions born out of a very complex island that has survived centuries of invaders who shaped the Sicilian psyche. Modica remarks, “I believe that once you really dig into your family roots a lot is revealed about why you are who you are. ”

Colson comes from a family of artists.  She is originally from Provence, France . Her work reflects her rich family history and their journey throughout Europe and North Africa. Colson states, “My work is a continuing experimentation with form, color and medium letting innovation and creativity materialize on the canvas leaving it to the viewer’s imagination to finish the story that I started making. magination visible.”

The Atlantic Works Gallery is the premier visual arts organization in East Boston and has occupied 80 Border Street for 15 years. The artists  work in a collaboration to produce monthly exhibits by members at the space.

The Gallery shares  building space  with the East Boston Artists Group which hosts  the annual East Boston Open Studios with generous support from the East Boston Foundation and with  financial support from involved  local business sponsors.


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