MBTA Youth Passes Now Available at Boston Centers for Youth & Families’ Admin Office

Boston youth can now enroll in the MBTA Youth Pass Program at Boston Centers for Youth & Families (BCYF) Administrative Office,1483 Tremont Street, in Mission Hill. The Youth Pass Program is a partnership between the City of Boston and the MBTA to provide reduced transportation fares to eligible youth ages 12-25.

The Youth Pass CharlieCard allows youth to purchase a monthly pass for all local bus and subway lines, including the Silver Line, for $30 a month at MBTA fare vending machines. In addition, the Youth Pass CharlieCard provides half-priced single ride fares for all bus and subway trips. Once someone enrolls in the Youth Pass program, they only need to return to BCYF once a year to renew the card.

The Youth Pass program ensures that young adults who rely on public transportation to commute to and from school, work, health institutions, community events, meetings, programs, and other opportunities across the City of Boston have access to low cost transportation. BCYF’s Division of Youth Engagement & Employment (YEE) will oversee the program.

In 2014, the City of Boston and the MBTA partnered to introduce a pilot Youth Pass initiative at Boston City Hall. In 2016, the pilot initiative became a permanent program and has enrolled hundreds of participants in this affordable transportation option. The move to BCYF in Mission Hill makes it an easier process to get the pass. The Mission Hill location also offers additional, more convenient hours, multiple public transportation options as well as access to other youth programming and services housed in the same building.

To be eligible to receive the Youth Pass, youth must be residents of Boston. The pass is available to 12-18 year-olds who are not enrolled in middle or high school, as students enrolled in Boston Public Schools already receive free MBTA passes. Young adults between the ages of 19-25 must demonstrate involvement in an approved GED, job training or state/federal income based benefit program such as WIC and MassHealth, or live in public housing. To learn more about the complete list of approved programs, eligibility criteria and how to apply for the Youth Pass, please call  BCYF YEE at 617-635-4202. More information about the Youth Pass program can also be found at .Boston.gov/mbta-youth-pass

Boston Centers for Youth & Families is the City of Boston’s largest youth and human service agency. BCYF operates 36 community centers in Boston that offer a variety of engaging and enriching programs for people of all ages created through community input and need. BCYF also oversees many citywide programs including the nationally-recognized violence intervention and prevention Streetworker Program and SuccessLink (Mayor’s Summer Jobs Program).

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