Eagle Hill Civic Association Roundup

By John Lynds

Attorney Richard Lynds pitches
three development project at last week’s EHCA meeting.

The Eagle Hill Civic Association (EHCA) voted to approve several project at its October meeting held last Wednesday night at East Boston High School.

First up, members voted 20-10 to support the project at 268 Bremen Street. The project calls for razing an existing structure and replace it with three family with parking. The modern design home will be owner occupied by David Cali from the East Boson Social Center and his family. The home is proposed home is next door to Cali’s mother, Alberta.

Next EHCA members voted to support the project at 221 Paris Street by a vote of 28-1. There Tim Johnson plans to build a three-unit building with three parking spaces.

Then members voted to approve three projects presented by attorney Richard Lynds on behalf of his clients. The first, located at 277 Havre St., was supported by a vote of 28-2. That project calls for a six-unit building with six parking spaces. All units will be market-rate condos and the project received support from abutters. Second, 338 Meridian Street was supported by a vote of 27-1. There the developer wants to change the use and occupant of the historic Victorian building from three to four units and perform a historical rehab to the exterior of the building. Finally, members supported the project at 331 Chelsea St. by a vote of 20-9. There, the developer wants to change the building from a two to a four-family and create four market-rate condos. Members remarked that they liked the design and would be an improvement to the current building that exists on Chelsea Street.

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