Congratulations,Coach Sousa

We congratulate former East Boston High School football coach John Sousa on his induction in to the Massachusetts State Football Coaches Hall of Fame.

This award is a much-deserved honor for one of the greatest coaches in state history and a man who was so highly respected by his colleagues in the profession.

Coaching a high school team in the city is not an easy task. There are fewer resources available for city teams and assistant coaching staffs are usually smaller than those for teams outside the city. But year in and year out, John Sousa and his staff prepared their team well for the season and the results speak for themselves.

But as former East Boston principal Mike Rubin so aptly stated, John Sousa’s legacy extended beyond the football field. Former All-Scholastic football player Tyrone Figueroa, is a shining example of a student-athlete who excelled in the East Boston Jets’ football program under John Sousa’s guidance. Figueroa is now a mathematics teacher and coach at East Boston High School helping current students and athletes prepare for college and beyond.

We were also pleased to hear in coach Sousa’s humble and gracious acceptance speech that his son, John Sousa Jr. is carrying on the family tradition as a football coach in Peabody.

John Sousa made a tremendous impact on the East Boston High School community during his illustrious career. Current head coach John Parziale, who was in attendance at the induction ceremony, has continued the excellence of the program and kept the spirit and tradition going for all the players who wore the Blue and Gold of Eastie football.

Congratulations, Coach Sousa, and thank you from all your players who received the gift of your expert coaching and kind, off-the-field mentorship.

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