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Take a stand together

Drug addiction is growing rapidly and it is affecting our friends, family and neighbors within our community. We need to find a way to help these individuals before it’s too late. I have been doing some research, and found that there are helpful programs available. “Sectioning” or “pink slipping” is a form of rehabilitation that can actually be beneficial if used correctly. When using these resources, we should be able to use them to the best of our ability.

As of now, it feels like our hands our hands are tied when it comes to who is able to utilize these tools, and how long we are able to use it for. I strongly believe that it should be the family’s decision to decide how long a family member remains in such care. No matter if it is one week, thirty days, six months. What ever amount of time that the families and friends of the person who needs helps deems necessary should be the amount of time the person is able to use the program for.

Friends and family members aren’t the only ones being affected by the people who are dealing with drug addiction. This is larger than just their households, the community is also being effected, therefore, we should all be stepping up to help and do our part.

Sometime, there are success stories of people using these“sectioning” or “pink slipping” programs and they return to the streets and be able to change their lives and stay clean. But unfortunetly, in most cases, just when they’re systems are clean they get seduced by the short term high that drugs can provide. The bottom line is, we as a community should be working our way toward having more positive outcomes of going into these types of programs. Perhaps by catering to each patient, and allowing the proper amount of time within these programs, we can ultimately eliminate the chances of temptations happening once they get out of the program.

We love the kids, adults, friends and families within our community. This is the time to show our love and compassion by moving fiercly to try and get a grasp on drug addiction in our community. Adrian Medeiros is working closely with the courts so that maybe we’ll have this chance to do so. Until we can be able to help a family by controlling the limits on this “sectioning” or “pink slipping” everyone needs to do their part in helping with healing the families and the adicts within our community.

I understand that we can’t find all the answers over night, but what we can do is unite our hands, and take a stand together.

With much love,

Adjie Burnett

Vice President of East Boston Pop Warner



Winthrop Mothers Out Front will present a Gas Pipeline Forum on Monday, April 3, 2017 from 6-7:30 pm with refreshments at 6 pm and presentation beginning at 6:30 pm. The forum will take place at Winthrop Community Access TV studio (WCAT) 165 Winthrop St., Winthrop, MA  02152. The event is free and open to the public but the studio audience is limited to 30 so reservations are required.  Call Suzanne Hitchcock-Bryan at 978-973-5309 or email  [email protected]  The event will be taped by WCAT and will be available via WCAT website and on YouTube.

The panelists include:

Alice Arena, Founder and lead coordinator of the Fore River Residents Against the Compressor Station (FRRACS). She is Chair of the Weymouth Democratic Town Committee, and Chair of the South Shore Caucus. A lifelong environmentalist with a financial background, she has a BS in business from Boston University.

Margaret Bellafiore, a founding member of the Fore River Residents Against Compressor Station (FRRACS). She has lived in North Weymouth for over 40 years with the bay at the bottom of her street. As an artist, she paints and photographs the beauty of her neighborhood and wants to keep it that way without the toxicity of a fracked methane gas compressor nearby. She formed the Intervenor Group to Protect the Environment with the Massachusetts Department of the Environment to oppose the ongoing wetlands permit request of Spectra Energy/Algonquin. A grandmother of four, she teaches an Art As Activism course at Bridgewater State University.

Rev. Mariama  White-Hammond  serves on the ministerial staff at Bethel AME Church in Boston and is a Masters of Divinity Candidate at Boston University School of Theology. She serves as Ecological Justice Minister at Bethel AME Church and is a member of the leadership team of Mass Interfaith Coalition for Climate Action. She served on the clergy delegation to Standing Rock. She has also been very involved in the West Roxbury pipeline struggle.

Nancy Wilson, a resident of the incineration zone of the West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline. She is a mother, grandmother, small business owner, and internet business consultant.  She actively resists this project & others like it through work in Stop the West Roxbury Lateral, Resist the Pipeline, and the People’s Hearing, a live event and online collection of testimony by groups and individuals fighting the unfairness of the FERC process and the forces of profits over people, sponsored by the Delaware Riverkeeper.

Winthrop Mothers Out Front



I am writing to encourage our community to contact Gov. Baker and ask that he put an end to the Access North East pipeline now.  In the report released by Synapse on February 6, 2017, “New England’s Shrinking Need for Natural Gas”, it is quite clear that we have no need for the proposed Access Northeast Pipeline (ANE) since any savings created by this pipeline are likely to be outweighed by its costs.  It is now estimated at $6.6 billion, according to expert witness testimony for Eversource, one of the main proponents of the project.  This is more than double the original estimate of $3.2 billion.  Proponents even had the audacity to put forth a novel idea that elec

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