Massport,Environmentalists Urge Residents to Attend LIAG Meeting

By John Lynds

The proposed expansion of Logan International Airport’s Terminal E has  two sides  defending their position on the issue.

While Massport has stated that the Terminal E project would have numerous benefits for the community, both environmentally and mitigation wise, community activists opposed to any sort of airport expansion would be detrimental to the health and well being of the residents.

Both sides have enlisted the help of experts to argue  their point and both should be well represented tonight (Wednesday, October 12) at East Boston High School’s auditorium at a meeting starting at 6 p.m. regarding the Terminal E’s Logan Impact Advisory Group (LIAG). The

The East Boston Times asked both Massport and AirInc. why it is crucial residents attend tonight’s LIAG meeting.

East Boston Times to Massport: Why should East Boston residents attend the LIAG meeting?

Massport: The meeting provides residents with the opportunity to learn about Boston Logan projects – Terminal E modernization and airport parking — and the work that has taken place with the Logan Impact Advisory Group (LIAG) to identify community benefits associated with the projects.

East Boston Times to AirInc.: Why should East Boston residents attend the LIAG meeting?

AirInc.: AirInc. urges any resident who is concerned about the increasing traffic congestion, increasing noise, increasing pollution and worsening health impacts of Logan Airport to attend this meeting. It is important that residents attend this meeting if they wish to voice concerns about this approach or if they want to urge Massport to make serious and needed investments in mass transit and other transportation initiatives to improve public health and quality of life in our neighborhoods.

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