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We need more public charter schools

To the Editor,

As an artist, teacher and a community activist, I’m worried about the quality of our schools. In a community like East Boston, where half of the population is Latino, education must be more individualized to meet the needs of our diverse students.

We need more of what public charter schools offer, including longer school days and the flexibility to tailor their curriculum to the needs of students.

It was my honor to welcome former Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to East Boston recently to talk to some of the families of our community. The mayor talked about his own experience working with charter schools in Los Angeles to bring change to a system that was broken.

On November 8, voters in Massachusetts will have the opportunity to bring change and expand access to public charter schools across the state, by supporting Ballot Question 2.

Supporting Question 2 will strengthen our public education system, giving more families access to high quality schools. More importantly, it will give parents the right to choose the best track for their children’s futures.

Verónica Robles, Founder

Verónica Robles Cultural Center (VROCC)

East Boston

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