Rep Madaro to Visit El Salvador,Honduras and Mexico

By John Lynds

With many of his East Boston constituents hailing from Central and South America and leaving there for more opportunities and a better life in the United States, State Representative Adrian Madaro will travel to three Latin American countries this week to see first hand what drives immigration.

Madaro will join a delegation of local elected and appointed officials from around the country on an educational tour of El Salvador, Honduras, and Mexico to explore child migration and migration policy in Central America.

The purpose of this trip, organized by Alianza Americas, is to better understand the realities that are driving forced migration, as well as the conditions that await those who are deported back to Central America.

“This is going to be a profound learning opportunity,” said Madaro. ”I hope to come home with a better understanding of what many of my constituents have experienced during their journey to East Boston.”

The delegation seeks to further understand the socioeconomic conditions in El Salvador and Honduras. In doing so, Madaro hopes to learn more about the factors that contribute to the flow of immigrants and the dangerous conditions and risks facing migrants moving through the Mesoamerican corridor. He is also eager to build relationships between elected officials, immigrant leaders, human rights advocates, and local social service organizations.

The delegation will meet in El Salvador, then travel to Honduras, and end in Mexico over the course of seven days.

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