Thank You, Donald Trump

The recent donation of $75,000 by Donald Trump to the Wounded Vet Ride that will substantially boost what had been raised in the annual event certainly comes as good news to the organizers of the Ride as well as this year’s veterans who will benefit from Trump’s generosity.

We know this donation will help our veterans as they readjust to a life that is full of physical and mental challenges after  serving in our armed forces and answering our country’s call to duty.

We are not questioning Trump’s motives for donating the $75,000, nor are we trivializing his donation.

We are here to say thank you for making good on a promise to help our veterans as well as many veterans throughout this country as they readjust to life.

To quote from Shakespeare who wrote in the merchant of Venice:

“The quality of mercy is not strained,

it falls as the gentle rain,

it blesses him who gives and him who receives.”

Knowing the founders of the Ride like Andrew Biggio, we can assure Donald Trump that his money will be used to help people in the spirit that he gave it.

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