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Taken too soon

Dear Editor,

Luigi Epifania had started his own successful construction company, shortly after his daughter Isabella was born. Luigi successfully completed his probation over a span of 3 years and did not have one issue while he did so, he successfully passed weekly and monthly drug tests. Luigi just finished probation and got his drivers license back.

He was a family man who was dedicated to giving his daughter and fiancé Jonelle the best life possible. Luigi was living proof that although we are not all without fault, that you can change your life around and better yourself.

He inspired many residents around East Boston, and Boston in general, to better themselves. He was always there to give a helping hand, Luigi tried to see the good in all types of people .

Aside from his own construction business, Luigi was also working at renowned restaurant Stella in Boston’s South End. All he ever wanted was to give his family the best life possible, and worked tirelessly to do so.

Luigi may have had a past but he learned and paid for what he did, he was a young boy who lost his mother to cancer and had no direction. He had a heart of gold and there was nothing more that made him happy than being a father, he enjoyed every moment with her.

The day he died her Easter dress came in the mail and he cried, that’s the kind of man he was. He was taken too soon, over nothing.

I hope this gives you a brighter light of the man I knew and fell in love with.

Sincerely ,

Jonelle Sempiana

I support Adrian Madaro

Dear Editor,

I fully support Representative Adrian Madaro’s noble effort to convince the MBTA to reverse its  decision to eliminate late night T service which provides critical public transportation services, for the reasons he has stated, for not only his many East Boston constituents but for all of Boston and neighboring communities as well. Late night T service mirrors that of other world class cities in America, Europe, Asia and elsewhere as a reflection of today’s modern economy and lifestyle.

Late night T service is an important contribution to the objective of reducing urban transportation reliance on fossil fuel dependent modes which congest limited street capacity, degrade pedestrian safety and contribute to sea level rise. While the MBTA is undergoing a difficult but necessary review of its budgetary priorities the process will eventually create a foundation for a world class public transportation system that is commensurate with Boston’s reputation as a world class city. Late night T service ought to be part of that foundation.


John Vitagliano

Former Boston Transportation Commissioner and Massport Vice-Chair

I support Joseph Boncore

Dear Editor,

I’m writing today to heartily endorse my friend Atty. Joseph Boncore for State Senator First Suffolk-Middlesex District.   Atty. Joseph Boncore is a proven advocate with the experience to make a difference not only in District 1 but throughout Massachusetts.

I’ve known Joe Boncore since he was 12 years old.  At that age, Joe organized and presided over the Junior Lodge of Winthrop Sons of Italy.  He was out “canning” for the Alzheimers Association.

 Through the years, I’ve seen Joe grow not only in the Order Sons of Italy, but as a capable attorney and public defender for the mentally ill, homeless and addicted in the E. Boston, Chelsea, and Boston Municipal Courts.  Since 2009, Joe has been an active member of the Winthrop Housing Board.  He’s served as Chairman since 2013.  Boncore is also the current Chair of the Winthrop Ordinance Review Committee (2010-present), an active member and Convention Delegate of the Winthrop Democratic Town Committee, a National Vice President of the Order Sons of Italy in America (OSIA) and Treasurer of the Justinian Law Society.

Joe Boncore has practiced law for 7 years at  Boncore Law Office in East Boston.  Atty. Boncore is a graduate of St. John’s Preparatory School in Danvers, Providence College and the Mass School of Law.  Joe is currently endorsed by the Boston Teachers Union, Ironworkers Local 7, Insulators Local 6, Laborers Local 22, and Painters & Allied Trades District Council 35.

 Most of all, I endorse Joseph Boncore because of the way in which he tackles problems.  He reviews all facts and circumstances in a very calm and deliberate manner.  Joe then passionately works to execute positive change in people’s lives, esp. the lives of our most vulnerable.

The District  and the Commonwealth need a leader in the State Senate with the experience and vision to make good decisions in areas of economic and job development, higher and vocational education and training, transportation, affordable housing, mental health and substance abuse and the environment. Joseph Boncore has the education, work background, experience in both government and volunteer organizations and leadership abilities to be our next State Senator.

If interested in volunteering or contributing to “Boncore for Senate,” headquarters is at 1140 Saratoga Street, East Boston, MA  02128.  Check out www.BoncoreforSenate.com or call 857-256-2118.

Please join me in casting your vote for Joseph Boncore for State Senator on Tuesday, April 12th.


Donna Segreti Reilly

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