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Oppose a Resident Parking Only program

To the Editor,

As an Eagle Hill resident, home owner, taxpayer, and voter,  I am vehemently OPPOSED to a Resident Parking Only program on my street and in my area.

I just read in the EastBoston Times dated March 9, 2016 that the Eagle Hill section of East Boston will become a Resident Permit parking area as of mid-March. Where did this come from? Aren’t public meetings supposed to take place before an issue of this magnitude takes effect?  I recieved no notification of any meetings regarding turning Eagle Hill into a Resident Parking Only area.   None of my relatives live in East Boston. I have a right to have family members, friends, and other visitors in my home and they should not have to live in East Boston in order to visit me. What Resident Parking Only means to me is that my children and grandchildren can not visit me on Mother’s day or my birthday because they live in Methuen, Salisbury, Shrewsbury and New Hampshire. What this does, is deny me the right to continue having Thanksgiving Dinner at my house because my brother drives up from North Carolina and my sister from Florida. My friends from Malden, Everett, Braintree and West Roxbury can not visit me for coffee, lunch or cookouts, and my friend from Chelsea can no longer shovel me out after blizzards and snowstorms. My neighbors can no longer have birthday parties for their young children, my other neighbor’s sister can no longer have a visiting nurse. My kids can’t take care of me when I’m sick or newly released from the hospital, all because no one will be able to park their cars on my street! I could go on, but you get the picture.

 I know that I am not the only Eagle Hill resident who has friends, family, co-workers and other visitors who live outside East Boston, and I could not possibly be the only resident in Eagle Hill that was not notified that this issue was even on the table.

Further, the East Boston Times stated that this Resident Parking Only program was at the request of the Eagle Hill Civic Association. I live in the Day Square section of Eagle Hill, and went to a couple of EHCA meetings a couple of years ago. What I found was that the handful of people that attended these meetings were concerned with issues in the area immediately surrounding the high school, and had nothing to do with my area of Eagle Hill (Day Square) so I stopped attending these meetings. How does the Eagle Hill Civic Association (EHCA), who represents the area around the high school, make decisions that effect all of Eagle Hill, and especially me in the Day Square area of Eagle Hill?

 Once again, as an Eagle Hill resident, home owner, taxpayer, and voter,  I am vehemently OPPOSED to a Resident Parking Only program in Eagle Hill and specifically on my street.  For those who agree with me and wish to stop this Resident Parking Only on your street, contact the following: [email protected] (617-722-2637);  Sal LaMattina at [email protected] (617-635-3200;  Mayor Walsh at [email protected] (617-635-4500);  East Boston Neighborhood Liaison Claudia Correa at [email protected]  (617-635-2681)

Sincerely, Susan Lincourt

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