Gabriela Coletta Runs for State Committeewoman

Gabriela Coletta will be on the ballot during the Massachusetts Presidential Primary on Tuesday, March 1 as a candidate for Democratic State Committeewoman.

Gabriela Coletta will be on the ballot during the Massachusetts Presidential Primary on Tuesday, March 1 as a candidate for Democratic State Committeewoman.

By John Lynds

East Boston resident Gabriela Coletta has tossed her hat into the political ring and will be on the ballot  during the Massachusetts Presidential Primary on Tuesday, March 1 as a candidate for Democratic State Committeewoman.

Coletta, a lifelong Eastie resident who grew up on Eagle Hill with her sister, Angela, and brother, Christopher, comes from along line of political and community activists. Her father, Ed Coletta, was the former editor of the East Boston Sun Transcript and mother, Nina Coletta, fought against airport expansion and other community causes.

Coletta, a graduate of Boston Latin Academy attended West Virginia University for a time, and is now currently a senior graduating in May from UMass Boston with a degree in Political Science and a minor in Human Rights.

In her first run for an elected position, Coletta said her reason for running comes at a time where the political landscape in this country is more polarized than ever.

“Local and state elections are extremely influential as to where the pendulum swings at the national level so its crucial the Democratic party is well-organized within the district to serve as a supportive base to candidates who truly embody the values and ideals of the party,” she said. “I saw this as a cross-sectional opportunity to really engage in what I love which is community building and grassroots organizing in order to positively effect politics at all levels of government.”

If elected in March, Coletta said her goal will be to use her  own passion for democratic values to incite a new found excitement in order to engage and mobilize volunteers around quality candidates within the communities and neighborhoods of the district.

“I hope to accomplish this particularly among Millennials who, as data shows, are more inclined to vote progressive but who don’t regularly become involved in the political process,” said Coletta. “I’m deeply committed to Democratic values and preservation of an electoral process and democracy that works for everyone. This is why even as a student with a full-time class schedule, I’ve attempted to gain experience within different facets of the political sphere.”

Coletta got her first taste of political organizing as a field organizer for Rep. Adrian Madaro campaign when he was elected during a special election.

“I am extremely grateful for having the opportunity to work as field organizer for now State Representative Adrian Madaro’s campaign in the spring of last year,” she said. “I really learned the importance of efficient and effective campaigning as well as how influential grassroots organizing can be. There’s something special when people from differing backgrounds come together in order to accomplish a common goal. Right now, I have the pleasure to represent our State Rep. at East Boston community meetings and last summer I gained policy experience after being award a scholarship from the Edward M. Kennedy Institute to live in Washington, D.C and work for Senator Edward Markey researching issues regarding consumer protection, immigration, and human rights issues.”

Coletta added that she was also an intern in the Massachusetts state legislature with State Representative Aaron Michlewitz of the North End, and with the Massachusetts Woman’s Political Caucus.

“I’ve always been politically inclined and fascinated with current events due to conversations initiated at the dinner table with the intent of having my siblings and I think critically about the world around us,” said Coletta. “They also stressed the importance of civic engagement by their example. My father, Ed, was an editor of the local newspaper and would take me along to cover an event or community activity; my mother, Nina, as a community activist would bring me to housing or educational meetings and numerous protests against runway expansion.”

Although Coletta is running unopposed she hopes people get involved in the process.

“I am unopposed, I kindly ask for the consideration of those living within the district and I ask for your vote,” she said. “This is a very important primary so it is essential everyone votes for the Democratic candidate who best represents their views. I plan to be an unwavering advocate for the Democratic nominee who emerges.”


Gabriela Coletta will be on the ballot during the Massachusetts Presidential Primary on Tuesday, March 1 as a candidate for Democratic State Committeewoman.

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