Thank You, Sen.Petruccelli

East Boston residents have felt secure in the knowledge that one of their neighbors, Anthony Petruccelli, has been representing them on Beacon Hill and fighting every day for their best interests.

Anthony Petruccelli has been an outstanding state representative and state senator for our neighborhood. He was an accessible public official, always responsive to his constituents’ phone calls, letters, and emails and a regular attendee at neighborhood meetings and local events.

Anthony worked diligently on many issues that impacted the lives of Eastie residents. He advocated for a Logan Health Study and air quality initiatives and was instrumental in the establishment of the Metropolitan Beach Commission. He fought for the protection of our environment and sought measures to improve the quality of life in East Boston.

Anthony began his service to this neighborhood as a liaison to the late Mayor Thomas Menino. He won election to Eastie’s state representative seat and when Robert Travaglini decided to step down as Senate President, Anthony ran for that seat and recorded an impressive victory throughout the district.

Since his election to the Senate, Anthony has become one of the most powerful and respected members of that esteemed body, and voters in Eastie and throughout the district have re-elected him with overwhelming support.

It is not surprising that Eastie’s growing status as one of the most desirable places to live in the city has paralleled Anthony’s service in the House and Senate. Anthony filed legislation to have Massport secure and maintain the 18-acre Bremen Street Park, one of the most impressive recreational areas in East Boston. He has helped longtime Eastie residents and newcomers unite and prosper in the “new” East Boston that become a jewel with its ideal proximity to downtown Boston and spectacular views such as the one at Piers Park

We in East Boston have also had the opportunity to admire Anthony Petruccelli – the husband, parent, and community leader – at various events and activities in East Boston. A former outstanding athlete himself in high school and college, Anthony volunteered his time – amidst a very demanding schedule as a public official – to serve as a coach in local youth sports leagues. He has also sponsored sports teams and donated to many important causes, wanting to give youths the same opportunities that he had as an aspiring young athlete.

The fact is – and his 17 years in state government affirms – that Anthony Petruccelli will do down in East Boston annals as one of the best public officials in this neighborhood’s history. Perhaps Anthony will return to the political arena one day – but we know with certainty that we have been graced by his presence and benefited from his public service.

We thank Senator Anthony Petruccelli for all that he has done for East Boston and we wish him the best of luck as he begins the next chapter in his life.

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