Rep.Madaro Reflects on His First 100 Days

State Representative Adrian Madaro recently marked his first 100 days in office as East Boston’s representative in the Massachusetts House.

Madaro, who is the third youngest member of the House in Massachusetts, said that since being sworn in over three months ago, he has been busy with constituent services, the state budget process and meeting with residents at neighborhood events.

“This has been a whirlwind experience filled with excitement and challenges,” said Madaro. “Every day I am faced with issues and decisions that directly impact the future of our community, and each day I am humbled by the support and gratitude expressed to me by my constituents.”

Over the past 100 days,  Madaro said he put all his effort into refining the goals and vision for East Boston that he shared with voters throughout my campaign.

“I secured funding for East Boston interests in next year’s state budget, helped to start a community driven process to create a local senior center, assisted in bringing a new affordable, high speed internet service to our neighborhood and advocated for the completion of our Greenway,” said Madaro. “I continued building relationships with our immigrant community to emphasize inclusivity within our neighborhood, called on the Federal Aviation Administration to increase monies for airport noise mitigation, and attended meetings, gatherings, and events of all types throughout East Boston to stay abreast of what’s happening within our community.”

While Madaro said he was thrilled with what he and his staff have accomplished in 100 days–he said there is still more work to be done.

“Creating more open green space, giving opportunities to those in need including young mothers, retirees, and those entering the workforce, and making sure that our burgeoning waterfront developments help our community as a whole, are some of the issues that I plan to tackle in the coming months,” said Madaro. “Moving forward, I will continue to keep an open ear and an open mind to all members of the community because I believe that listening to and engaging with constituents are critical to effective leadership.”

Madaro said he will continue to advocate for the people of Eastie, ensuring that quality of life and the preservation of community values are top priorities.

“I will continue to rely on the community for new ideas and confidence that our best days are ahead of us,” said Madaro. “My vision for the future of East Boston is continuously evolving, changing with each new experience and each interaction with members of our beloved community. I aspire to make the people of East Boston proud, always basing my decisions on their best interests.”

Madaro said he is thankful to the people of East Boston for giving me this opportunity.

“For me this is a privilege to represent the people of East Boston on Beacon Hill,” he said. I have been truly grateful and humbled.”

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