Malden/East Boston Youth Hockey Concludes Season

The Malden/East Boston Youth Hockey Program wrapped up another successful season with its awards banquet Monday. The merger of the former East Boston youth hockey organization with Malden has worked well and we’re grateful to all those who made it happen – insuring that East Boston youths who wanted to play hockey would be given that opportunity in a strong and well-run program.

We remember the explosion of youth hockey in the early 1970s when Bobby Orr an the Big Bad Bruins ruled the National Hockey League. In fact, it was 45 years ago – May 10, 1970 – when Bobby Orr scored the winning goal in overtime that gave the Bruins the Stanley Cup title. You’ve probably seen the iconic photo of Bobby Orr in mid-air as he celebrates his winning goal. The popularity of the Bruins led to the construction of numerous ice rinks in the area, a product of that era we continue enjoy to this day.

Hockey continues to be a popular sport in East Boston. The East Boston High School hockey team, under the direction of legendary coach Bob Anthony, won the Boston City Championship this season and is regarded as one of the best teams in the city. Several of the players began their careers competing in youth hockey at Porrazzo Rink.

We thank the youth hockey officials in Malden, especially Ken Downey, for working in coordinating with East Boston youth hockey leaders, and being so welcoming and hospitable to the young players who feel right at home wearing the MEB uniforms.

Thanks to the hard-working volunteers in Malden and East Boston, our young athletes have the opportunity to learn the game of hockey and play the game in a fun and competitive environment.

May the partnership that is Malden/East Boston Youth Hockey continue for many years to come.

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