Community Groups are an Asset to the City At-Large

We in East Boston are fortunate to have dedicated volunteer  groups such as the Orients Heights Neighborhood Council, Jeffries Point Neighborhood Association and the Eagle Hill Civic Association working hard for the best interests of our entire community.

The members of these organizations are proud East Boston residents who are always looking to improve the quality of life in our streets and neighborhoods.

Many outstanding projects and ideas receive a boost from the support of these organizations. These groups raise important questions about public safety, traffic and new development and provide a public forum for other residents to air their opinions in a cordial discussion.

The neighborhood groups offer solutions to some of the key issues facing our community. And we are pleased that our elected officials, City Councilor Sal LaMattina and State Sen. Anthony Petruccelli, have fostered a positive and productive relationship with these neighborhood groups.

We are also pleased that that Mayor Martin J. Walsh is looking to expand the participation of these groups in the neighborhood process. We have seen how the active participation of these groups helped former Mayor Thomas Menino improve our neighborhoods and it’s great that Mayor Walsh is carrying on this tradition of organized community involvement.

Mayor Walsh has been accessible to our residents and his recent appearance at the Columbus Day Celebration Banquet at Spinelli’s demonstrated how popular and admired he is in East Boston. That combination of Mayor Walsh encouragement of community involvement and our groups wanting to be involved in the process will be beneficial for our neighborhoods in the future.

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