Vent Building Parks

Rep. Carlo Basile’s work to get all the parks surrounding the vent building reopened and others across Meridian Street adopted by the Health Center should be commended.

Basile saw the vent building project as an opportunity to return these dormant open spaces back to the community.

He put pressure on MassDOT and argued that if the community was going to put up with a year and half of construction residents here should get something in return.

This is how leadership works and Basile got the job done.

Now it is time to hand over the parks to the community and community groups like the East Boston Greenway Council so the board there can decide how to best use the space.

Perhaps in the future there could be opportunities for outdoor vendors, pushcarts or food stands. Across Meridian Street near the Health Center picnic tables could be installed and patrons of Meridian Market or other food venues can take their lunch break outside in one of these wonderful open spaces.

These parks have been closed for over a decade and it is exciting to see them reopen and we have Rep. Basile to thank.

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