Eastie Fab Four Swimmers Rewrite the Record Book

East Boston High School’s Mateo Galeano (senior), Ben Lara (senior), Julian Reyes (junior) and Jonathan Smith (freshman) gave the swim team record book a makeover this past season.

These four extremely talented swimmers are now part of six new records at Eastie High.

All four swimmers now hold the record in:

200yd Medley Relay New Record 2:02.21

200 yd Freestyle Relay, New Record 1:48.41

400 yd Freestyle Relay, New Record 4:01.94

Mateo Galeano holds records in:

200 yd Individual Medley, New Record 2:27.94

100 yd Butterfly, New Record 1:04.33

Jonathan Smith  holds  the record in:

100 yd freestyle, New Record 58.17

“We won six meets in Division I swimming and our team swam their guts out all year,” said Coach Dave Arinella. “Jonathan will surely break some additional records next season.  We will miss all of our seniors, Ben Lara, Mateo Galeano, Mike Lockhead , Xavier Wooten, and Sakri Kmimech.”

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