Anti-litter Campaign

EB1NOAH’s Community Building and Environment (CBE) Director Chris Marchi and one his East
Boston youth workers Sebastian Londono pitched a new anti-litter campaign to the Jeffries Point
community Monday.

2 comments for “Anti-litter Campaign

  1. Felix Cutillo
    February 14, 2014 at 12:51 pm

    I applaud Chris Marchi in his attempt but the number one issue with litter and trash in East Boston; surface pickers and bottle collectors ripping open trash bags to obtain bottles and cans for redemption. Stop that and you solve the problem. I observe this all the time. On any
    given day you can just follow the trail to Kappy’s liqueur store and
    you can see where the bottles are coming from . I cannot believe that it is not even mentioned in the John Lynds article (Attempting to fix the trash and litter problems) on 02/12/2014 article. There needs to be a city ordinance against it and fines issued. That is the only way to stop it. I intend on making a video documenting this and submitting it on YouTube. John Lynds should dig a little deeper when writing about the obvious!

  2. aVET
    May 19, 2014 at 10:28 am

    I agree, City Council ban trash picking by these diggers whom don’t rebag the our trash bags they rip open. When they don’t rebag them, fine them. Why should any landlord or renter, first pay for trash pabgs at our own expense and properly bag our trash, only to then have someone that doesn’t live at our residence…dig in our trash, ripping our trash bags open…enabling our trash to blow all over the place, smelling up sidewalks, and denigrating our neighborhood. Not just that safety and helath issue, these trash diggers unjustly waste our hard earned money we paid for those bags.
    Anothe rmajor way to halt East Boston disgraceful trash laying on nearly every block, is for the City Council to mandate that every landlord provide trashcans for their tenant’s use and that no trash will be allowed sitting uncovered in front of anyone’s homes. Yes, especially those whom rent.
    Additionally, the city needs to initiate a bi-lingual advertising reminding everyone that they [even renters, regardless of what country they come from]…must all pick up trash in front of their/our homes and rented apartment buildings.

    Eastie has become a Commonwealth laughing stock and a true eyesore.

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