Eastie-only Vote

We want to thank the Boston City Councilors who voted last Wednesday to have only East Boston residents decide the fate of the Host Community Agreement about the siting of a casino at Suffolk Downs.

We always have maintained  that the decision should be decided by East Boston and not by the voters of other parts of Boston, such as far-off West Roxbury, because we are the ones who have to live with this development.

For as long as we can remember, Eastie residents have had to sacrifice their quality of life issues, whether it be with the airport or the tunnels or highways that impact our neighborhoods.  We were never given a say in the matter of whether we want these developments or not.  We were told that all these developments were necessary for the greater good of Boston or for the region.  Our only recourse to many of these developments was to hold public demonstrations that at the time fell on deaf ears and blind eyes.

Last Wednesday, City Councillors showed by their vote that we have the right to decide our future and any development at Suffolk Downs.

Given this responsibility, we now urge all voters to become familiar with all the pros and cons of this development and be prepared when they go to the polls on November 5 to vote knowing the facts.

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