Building Collapses

EB1Late in the afternoon last Thursday a large portion of an attached brick multifamily on Eutaw Street came tumbling to the ground.

Construction workers had been spending the day hammering bricks on the home at 57 Eutaw St. trying to fix the structure’s outer wall. Witnesses reported hearing a big explosion as the wall from the middle of the home to the roof came crashing into the alley below.

Two workers were on ladders when the portion of the outer wall came tumbling to the ground. The two workers were thrown off their ladders and landed on the ground below. Both declined medical attention.

There were 21 people living in the building at the time of the collapse and the 10 adults and 11 children were all safely evacuated. Two buildings next door at 55 and 59 Eutaw St. were also evacuated as a precaution. The American Red Cross has been helping the displaced families.

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