Adams School Receives Grant for IPads

The Samuel Adams Elementary School was recently the recipient of a grant from the Brown Rudnick Center for the Public Interest so the school could purchase IPads for autistic students attending the school.

Michelle Lamacchia, who is the Autism Strand Specialist at the school, said the school currently has three classrooms dedicated to students with autism but each had to share one IPad between the classrooms.

“We requested the IPads because they are highly motivating and effective in increasing student engagement,” said Lamacchia. “We also have licenses for our students to use VizZle software; visually interactive lessons that can be customized to individual student learning objectives. We know the IPads will increase the amount of time our students can engage in lessons specific to their learning needs.”

Studies have shown that the use of computers and IPads has been a useful educational tool for students with autism.

According to one study, the IPad, like other computers, is an effective tool for many people on the autism spectrum. Because they are more flexibility and portability than laptops and PCs educators have found that IPads have become more popular in recent years to engage autistic students.

Also the IPads touch screen and layout make the device more accessible for children with coordination or learning difficulties. The study showed that these children find sliding and tapping easier than either typing or writing.

Over the years the Adams School has been partnering with organizations to support students with autism at the school. The school has teamed up with the COOL Schools partnership, which provides yearlong visual arts instruction to inclusive groups of students with autism and students in general education classrooms.

Founded by a group of lawyers 10 years ago, the Brown Rudnick Center for the Public Interest is the philanthropic arm of the Brown Rudnick LLP law firm.

The Center was launched as Brown Rudnick’s vehicle to champion, coordinate and celebrates the firm’s contributions to the public interest, and to serve as an example that would motivate others in the legal profession to do the same.

Since its inception, the Center has made Brown Rudnick as a leader in providing pro bono legal representation, charitable giving and community service to help those in need.

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