EBNHC Bringing Weight Watchers to Eastie

East Boston has an obesity rate 18 percent higher than the city average. To combat this growing epidemic, the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center (EBNHC) is partnering with the City of Boston to bring highly successful Weight Watchers program to the community.

Last week, EBNHC officials joined the Mayor’s Office, the Boston Public Health Commission, Weight Watchers and two other neighborhood health centers in launching the program to help promote weight loss and a healthier lifestyle in our community.

The program will allow residents in the working class community of Eastie gain access to the Weight Watchers program that would otherwise be unable to afford it on their own.

EBNHC patients who qualify will be eligible for steep program discounts for weight loss and weight management services offered by Weight Watchers, including weekly meetings and eTools.

“This is a great opportunity for the Health Center’s patients in East Boston,” said EBNHC’s Administrative Director for the Let’s Get Movin’ Program Kathy Field. “Our Let’s Get Movin’ Program is focused on preventing childhood obesity, but the Health Center also  takes great strides to assist all of our patients in achieving a healthier lifestyle.”

Patients interested in learning more can review eligibility and referral to the program with their medical provider at the Health Center.

Local comedian and actor Lenny Clarke, who lived in Eastie for several years, joined EBNHC to make the announcement.

Clarke, a longtime supporter of Eastie programs like the Crossroads Family Shelter said he had lost over 150 pounds on Weight Watchers.

“Weight Watchers didn’t change my life – it saved my life,” said Clarke. “I didn’t want to be overweight and I knew I was unhealthy. You know, it got away from me. I would have done anything to lose weight. I didn’t think it was possible.”

Senior Vice President of U.S. Operations at Weight Watchers Daniel Boockvar said more than one-third of U.S. adults are obese and obesity-related illnesses – such as diabetes and heart disease – can be chronic and serious.

“It’s time to reverse the obesity epidemic, and Weight Watchers is thrilled to have the opportunity to provide a proven weight loss approach at a steeply discounted price to those East Boston residents that qualify,” said Boockvar. “Along with everything the Mayor and his team are doing with Boston Moves for Health, we can make a difference and support Bostonians as they strive to be healthy and active. The Weight Watchers approach works, and we have every confidence that participants who follow the Weight Watchers plan will lose weight and learn to live a healthier lifestyle.”

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