The Red Sox

East Boston has thousands of Red Sox fans. This neighborhood is a major Red Sox nation population who are continuing to treat the Red Sox with respect even though the season is just about down the drain at this point.

What went wrong, nearly everyone with an interest in the Red Sox are asking? How could a season so filled with aspiration and hope be turning into one tainted almost entirely by despair?

Is it Manager Bobby Valentine’s fault?

We don’t believe so.

Then whose fault is it?

It is the poor play of the players, the poor attitude of many of the players, and the what me worry I don’t care attitude of $16 million a year pitchers like Josh Beckett who have been heard to say: “Baseball doesn’t mean everything to me.”

The Red Sox players need to shut their mouths and get on with winning some games before this season goes down in history as perhaps the worst since 1997.

East Boston fans are tired of the complaining from players earning millions and performing poorly and then blaming it on the manager.

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