The New Beginning

When Mayor Menino announced in January that the East Boston waterfront would be in for major development he wasn’t kidding. Although it has taken some time for development groups to get their soldiers in line and ready to fight, one major developer, Roseland has just announced it has taken out a building permit for its East Boston waterfront project.

This comes as excellent news to those in this neighborhood watching from the Roseland site the development ongoing in the Seaport District on the other side of the Mystic River.

The Roseland development is the kick-off of what the mayor was envisioning in his inaugural address – that is – a vibrant development scene for East Boston in the months and years to come.

It is not too difficult to imagine an East Boston waterfront neighborhood radically changed and improved with thousands of new residents, new businesses, and new energy.

The East Boston waterfront is all about the future and the future is ripe with possibilities never dreamt of.

When East Boston residents and businesspeople look at the Seaport District, it is not too hard to imagine the waterfront here taking on a success of similar proportion.

We have the views, the space, the vision, the willingness and the desire to get moving and to take off and to not let up until our dreams have been met.

Roseland taking out a building permit for its waterfront project here last week is big medicine.

Development here in a big way is finally so close we can touch it.

This is great news and we suppose and expect it will be followed by more announcements soon just like it.

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