Good Luck, Francisco Urena

The city of Boston has chosen East Boston resident Francisco Urena as its new Veterans’ Service Commissioner.

The Marine combat veteran is taking over leadership of Veterans’ Service Department at a time when veterans have already returned home by the tens of thousands from Iraq and soon will be returning, from Afghanistan.

The returning veterans have problems that are manifold.

They will need to readjust to civilian life if they are leaving the armed forces. And if they remain in the armed forces, then they have to readjust to life in these United States and in the city of Boston or wherever in Massachusetts they live.

The larger problem is that all of them will need jobs which are difficult to secure in a tight job market which is not significantly expanding.

Many, many veterans will be in need of counseling, education, health care, and their families must be watched over and cared for as well.

Eastie’s Francisco Urena has his work cut out for himself taking over as the leader of the Boston Veterans’ Affairs Department.

We wish him the best in what is certain to be a difficult but compelling assignment.

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