Captain Mancini Promoted to Deputy Police Superintendent

Capatain Frank Mancini

District 7 Captain Frank Mancini, the driving force behind East Boston’s dramatic drop in crime over the past two years, has been promoted to Deputy Superintendent of the Boston Police. Mancini, who was the past Director of the BPD’s Anti-Corruption Office emigrated from Italy as a boy with his family and grew up on Lubec Street.

“It great to see Captain Mancini continue to advance his career in the Boston Police as a proud son of East Boston,” said Senator Anthony Petruccelli. “However, we will certainly miss him because he was a hands on professional and did a wonderful job as Captain of our community’s police force. He will be sorely missed.”

In 2011, Eastie’s crime rate dropped 16 percent. This followed a 5.5 percent drop in 2010 for a total 21.5 percent reduction of crime in two years. In 2011, Eastie saw a 25 percent reduction in residential burglary, and a 47 percent drop in commercial breaks of businesses in the community. Auto thefts also went down 25 percent in 2011, and car break-ins were lowered 21 percent.

“Captain Mancini was a personal friend and will be missed,” said Representative Carlo Basile. “He knew his stuff and was well prepared for the challenge of reducing crime in the neighborhood.”

City Councilor Sal LaMattina said Mancini knew how to execute a plan from his first day on the job here in Eastie.

“Although I’m very happy for the Captain it’s a tremendous loss,” said LaMattina. “I think he laid the groundwork here in East Boston for the next Captain appointed to District 7 and I hope he or she continues the great work Captain Mancini has done.”

Known as no-nonsense law enforcement official, Mancini worked closely with community leaders and civic groups to ensure Eastie was a safe place to live, work and do business.

Over the past two years Mancini’s efforts have included keeping a close eye on some problem bars that affected the quality of life for many residents over the years.

Mancini has also directed his officers to keep a close eye on all bars and restaurants in the neighborhood to make sure they are in compliance with their liquor and entertainment licenses.

He also held regular meetings with license establishment holders to remind them of their responsibilities and commitments to the neighborhood in which they do business.

Under Mancini, officer stepped up regular inspections of bars, formed an action plan with police and bar owners.

Under Mancini robberies stayed about even in 2011 following a 20 percent drop in 2010.

In the end Mancini never took all the credit and diverted most of the praise bestowed upon him to the men and woman in uniform working on the streets each day, addressing important issues in the community.

“The Captain and I started serving in East Boston in the same month,” said Mayor Thomas Menino’s Community Liaison Ernani DeAraujo. “My relationship with him has been one of my most treasured in city government. Thanks in great part to the efforts of our Captain and District 7 police, East Boston is safer today–by any metric–than at any point in my lifetime (30 years). It goes without saying that it was a job well done.”

So the community can celebrate Mancini’s achievement and promotion a farewell celebration for the Captain is in the works and will be announced at a later date.

3 comments for “Captain Mancini Promoted to Deputy Police Superintendent

  1. Srvazquez1
    May 17, 2012 at 7:34 pm

    I wish ther more police officer like captain Frank Mancini from east Boston , that care,I’m a resident from Chelsea and things in Chelsea are not good people like me tha work really hard were afraid and we have to close business because of the drug dealers we need good police officer like him,

  2. GC
    September 28, 2012 at 8:35 pm

    I’m so happy for you. I have no words …….

  3. Unite we fight
    May 4, 2015 at 3:50 pm

    To: Superintendent Frank Mancini,Superintendent Robert Merner, Deputy Superintendent Norma Ayala Leong ,Deputy Superintendent Colm Lydon
    Via: ACLU, Boston Globe,EastieTimes,Boston CBS,Boston Magazine ,Mayor of Boston ,Police Commissioner Facebook,Twitter , Mobile Justice

    From: Zachary “Ziggy” Dash
    407 E Yale St
    Ontario Ca 91764

    Re: Police Officer Attack,Dog Bites,& Illegal Activities

    To All Listed Above ,
    This letter is to express my concern and most of all anger ,two years ago I was attacked by one of your officers near my home and also her dogs attacked me and she then tried to get rid of the video ,left the attack went to Distract A-7 Police Station filed a false report ,and also lied at the hearing ,the list goes on .
    Her name is Officer Eng Debessi , I really don’t want to repeat the whole story ,however what started happening after we put in paperwork to IAD about her and another Officer,My husband Brandan Jordan and myself starting buying a condo at 149 Webster st. East Boston,and short time we started getting Officers showing up at our home for false complaints of noise and etc ,then it got to the point we were attacked on the street for no reason ,then we notice our privacy was being invaded and it got to the point of no peace that we thought that if we moved out of our home and away from Massachusetts it would stop.
    So we left our brand new home and move to Pasadena Ca. And in a matter of months of living there cops were showing up on our door ,using the same lines and we were still getting Police Complaints from District A-7 and they were always signed by the same Officer and they even had statements in the reports that we said in our home in Pasadena Ca ,So now we knew that our privacy was truly being invaded,
    We took a chance to go out and we met with someone and we were informed that we were being “GASLIGHTED or GANG STALKED” and it was started by a corrupt officer, ( pls forgive me ) please look it up and now we have moved out of the rental and to a house and they refuse to stop this illegal actives ,we have hired Private Investigators and we have everything documented and we have taken every measure to make it stop .
    I’m reaching to all to do whatever is needed to stop this illegal crime and for us to reach an agreement and understanding to where we all can go on with our lives and not have to expose this tool that is used and also come to a resolution and hope settlement in a timely manner.
    Just an added note it appears that every time we call and talk to someone about these issues some kind of event happens ,this is all that can be said at present ,just an added note there is video of the attack,recordings of the hearing and most of all lots of documents,videos and more of Officers taking part in this illegal crime of hate .

    Thank you for taking the time to look into this matter and because of pass phone calls ,I will not be taking phone calls ,and I will be posting and getting media involved because all the calls before have been treated as we don’t matter, and as the state of matter in America at present ,I don’t feel we have to add fuel to the fire of our treatment in this matter of Police Abuse,Corruption and “Gang Stalking” .

    Zachary “Ziggy ” Dash
    407E Yale St
    Ontario Ca 91764


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