Arinella’s Retirement Marks New Courthouse

David Arinella, chief probation officer for the East Boston District court for the past five years has retired.

His retirement signals the end of a long and distinguished career of a man who came to be noted over the years for his intellectual powers as well as his ability to be fair and to work with others successfully and with ease nearly all of the time.

His impact on the East Boston court was felt early on his career when he graduated from Brandeis. Then there came the full half dozen languages he can speak and that ability making him all the more a compelling figure in the life and times of the courthouse in this neighborhood.

His co-workers came to love him.

The judges loved him.

Nearly everyone who passed through the courthouse in one way or another throughout the past two decades benefited from Mr. Arinella’s special touch.

His retirement was not met with cheers and delight by his colleagues because the courthouse will be a far different place without him.

Mr. Arinella certainly left his mark in this courthouse and among the residents of this neighborhood who came to depend on his sound advice. He was never quick to judge and always favored resolving issues and giving someone another chance to dispensing with justice that had the effect of ruining a life.

His considerable presence in the East Boston Court House will be sorely missed.

We wish Mr. Arinella many long years of health and trust he will spend a healthy and happy retirement with his family.

Thank you for your service to this neighborhood and to the District Court System of Massachusetts.

There are no David Arinellas coming up in the court system today.

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