A Great Response: Residents Show Tremendous Compassion

Last weekend, Boston City Councillor Sal LaMattina, East Boston State Representative Carlo Basile, and Eastie’s State Senator Anthony Petruccelli and Mayor Thomas Menino banded together with many prominent members of the neighborhood to make certain that all of those affected by the building collapse on Chelsea Street are helped out so they can get on their feet again.

In all, 70 people were displaced by the disaster, with most the residents living in apartments and losing not only their place to live but all their possessions as well.

Thanks to the coming together of the neighborhood, the folks who lived at 45 Chelsea Street each received $4,000 to help replace their possessions.

An additional $17,000 was raised for others who were displaced.

And Mayor Menino pledged the full cooperation of the City of Boston to replace the housing that was lost.

This was an opportunity for many different people to make donations at a time of incredible need.

Once again, the Fields Family Foundation and Suffolk Downs came to the aid of the needy, as did Dick Gavegnano of the East Boston Savings Bank and Richard Goldberg of Logan Communications, John Zirpolo of Cora Electric, the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center and McGladrey, Inc.

Many others donated food and space to house displaced people.

This was the type of coming together we have come to expect of our leaders and of our business leaders during a time of crisis.

It speaks well of the neighborhood we love and of the people who do business here and who represent us.

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