Liquor Store Employee Cited for Selling Alcohol to Minors

The owner of Woody’s Liquors has again found himself in hot water with the Alcohol Beverage Control Commission (ABCC).

Last month, an underage operative, under the direction of ABCC investigators, phoned in orders for alcohol to Woody’s Liquors in Revere. The driver for Woody’s was caught selling liquor to a minor by Revere Police and ABCC investigators.

Woody’s Liquors will be charged with sale and delivery of alcoholic beverages to an underage individual as well as transporting alcohol without a permit.

The Investigators informed store employees of the charges and advised that the licensee will receive a hearing notice to appear before the ABCC.  The driver will face criminal charges in District Court.

In June the attorney for Woody’s Liquors withdrew plans at the Boston Zoning Board of Appeals to build a takeout pizzeria inside the Orient Heights liquor store due to overwhelming opposition from neighbors that abut Wood’s Eastie location on Saratoga Street.

The Boston Zoning Board of Appeals hearing came on the heels of the fourth in a series of community meetings where abutters expressed their concerns about the project.

While Woody’s attorney, Daniel Toscano, did a good job in the meetings addressing some of the neighborhood’s concerns regarding facade improvements, trash, past business practices and hours of operation for the plans to use 1.500 sq. ft. inside the liquor store for a takeout pizzeria and sub shop– many neighbors still had reservations about the plan and wanted to iron out a solid community agreement with Woody and Toscano before throwing support behind the plan.

Neighbors of Woody’s Liquors said from the beginning that they would be unwilling to support any expansion of Wood’s business until he shows that he can be a better neighbor–something that is done regularly in Orient Heights.

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