Have a Great Vacation: Mayor Menino Heads to Alaskamayor

 Menino is heading to Alaska on a vacation with his family.

We understand he wanted to go to Italy but it was simply too expensive for the mayor to pay for such a trip for ten people.

First of all, we asked the mayor what exactly he was going to do in Alaska.

Mind you, we could understand him being in Italy on vacation mode, heading to the Vatican, walking around Rome, visiting Florence and then heading south to Naples and the ultimate for Italian Americans whose parents or grandparents came to America from the Old World, the obligatory trip to where it all began – to Sicily.

But no, the mayor is heading to Alaska.

The mayor replied he wasn’t exactly sure what he was going to do in Alaska.

Knowing the mayor as we do, his response is understandable.

However, we believe the true stumbling block on this trip the mayor is making with his family is the traditional bill of fare in Alaska.

There is no such thing as a fettuccini pomodoro with fresh basil in the wilds of Alaska.

Raviolis like those at Rino’s cannot be found north of Anchorage and in Anchorage itself, he’s not going to find the type of Italian treats that, quite frankly are the staples of his diet and his delight.

Alaskan King Crab will do for the mayor maybe once.

He’s not a great lover of cooked salmon. Flounder – eh. He can do without it.

And what about the Tuscan breads he enjoys, or the vine-grown tomatoes and the little round dark green olives imported from Italy?

Where, we are all wondering is he going to get any of this in Alaska ?

Of course, we are here for him in his time of need.

He could e-mail us and give us coordinates and maybe we could get the Air Force to make a drop in the Alaskan wild.

But the mayor doesn’t e-mail anyone. Never has and never will.

God bless him in Alaska. It is a place where his family will have to do everything they can to keep the mayor of Boston happy.

Maybe he’ll get excited seeing a bear.

We don’t think so.

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